General Info

  • Venue opens two (2) hours before performances.
  • Performances will take place regardless of the weather.
  • Visit our Media page if you're a member of the media, professional photographer, blogger or a hip social media correspondent.
  • We won't penalize you for arriving late. You did pay for the tickets. However, you will have to wait till there is a break in the performance before taking your seats.


  • Tickets for selected Festival performances can be obtained on this website. We can't be responsible for tickets that you purchased from some other dude on the street.
  • One ticket admits one person only. Sure, you can purchase and give tickets to your friends.
  • No refunds for unused tickets.
  • Ticket prices are indicated next to each of the performances. Go to Events.
  • Tickets will only get you in to the performances / exhibitions. They won't get you food or parking.

Dos & Don'ts

  • To ensure that we do not disrupt performances, phones, cameras and other recording devices are not allowed during the performances (this includes drones and other remote controlled devices!)
  • Selfies and photos are welcomed only before or after the performances.
  • No food or drinks are allowed at venues, unless otherwise stated.
  • We're glad you have your own food truck business. However, if you get caught by the authorities, the Festival cannot be held liable.
  • Similarly, if you would like to promote your own items, we suggest you create an IG or FB page. It's more cost-efficient and saves you the effort of lugging all your stuff to our Festival to sell.
  • Any KLIAF trademarks, intellectual property, brand, and promotional contents shall not be used nor replicated for other commercial purposes. Our Festival productions and sponsors do so with the explicit permission of the Festival organizers.

Getting There

  • Waze it! It's free.
  • Parking is at your own risk. Why not Grab it or take the LRT/MRT? Or carpool, it's cool.

Enjoy the following Grab promo offer to travel to/from the Festival venues!

  • Promo code name: DIVERSECITY17
  • RM 8 off each ride
  • Valid for 2 rides per user per Festival venue only
  • Valid to / from venues of DiverseCity KLIAF 2017 events only
  • Valid with credit / debit cards only
  • Valid from 31 Aug - 1 Oct 2017 only