Going Where Few Have Gone Before: Healing Hearts and Minds


Healing hearts and minds

CausewayEXchange 2017

Held in Conjunction with

Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival (KLIAF 2017)

22- 24 September: Kuala Lumpur


Attend a concert in the dark. Engaging the young with a special story of home. Sharing Singapore in an unusual and expanded way to Malaysian audiences.


From 22 nd to 24 th September, Kuala Lumpur will get to enjoy Singapore's premier cross-border platform, CausewayEXchange (CEX) 2017 in a series of presentations that step out from the norm through its engagement with partners in the medical and social sectors in Kuala Lumpur through its special 'Art and Healing' component that looks at the expanded role of the arts in the field of therapy and medicine.


First held in 2010 and until today, the only annual platform for artistic and cultural activities between Singapore and Malaysia, CEX has to date attracted 35,000 audiences and hosted close to 350 artists in both Singapore and Malaysia. CEX is co-organised by Singapore arts production company DMR Productions and non-profit arts and culture organization Global Cultural Alliance Ltd (GCA).


Co-organised by DMR Productions and Global Cultural Alliance Ltd, main partners the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and the Singapore International Foundation, supported by the National Arts Council, CEX 2017 will be held in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Oasis @ Ara Damansara in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival.


Says DMR Productions' Shawn Lourdusamy who is founder and co-organiser of this unique dual focus of CEX this year: "Cross-cultural and cross border work is about getting to know the little known or unfamiliar about your neighbor through the platform of arts and culture. In this regards, our programme for Kuala Lumpur follows up from 2016 when CEX launched an 'arts and healing' component which looked at the expanded role of arts and culture in the field of therapy.


"Its reach and success has inspired us to further this component further and for it to be the central focus of CEX in Kuala Lumpur. From 2017, we will be making the 'arts and healing' a regular platform within CEX and we will focus on continuity and monitor the impact of the work we have done."


Highlights of CEX 2017 in Kuala Lumpur includes:


Says Ms Soh Lai Yee, Head of Culture Exchange from the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), the main partner for the 'Arts and Healing' component of CEX in 2016 and 2017: "Through such cross-cultural platforms promoting collaborations between Singapore and Malaysia, we grow in our understanding of each other and strengthen the friendships between both countries. CEX's Arts and Healing in Kuala Lumpur is an opportunity to encourage individuals and communities to collaborate and harness the arts to work towards a common goal of an inclusive society for all. CEX is part of the SIF's Arts for Good initiative which seeks to connect communities to leverage cross-cultural wisdom and arts-based activities for positive social change."


CEX 2016's 'Arts and Healing' component in Singapore saw a multi- disciplinary performance, music therapy session, a panel discussion featuring art therapists from Singapore and Malaysia, a multi-sensory exhibition held in total darkness and a comedy and music performance by doctors. In the 2 nd edition in Kuala Lumpur this year, programmes include a concert in the dark performed by musicians with disabilities, a full day forum on the theme of 'Arts and Healing' featuring therapists from Singapore and Malaysia, a theatre performance specifically devised for those with special needs and more.


Says Phan Ming Yen, Director of Global Cultural Alliance, co-organiser of CEX 2017: "This year indeed represents another step forward in the CEX platform. It extends and develops that which has been in the past into a deeper level: that of continuously looking at how cross border exchanges can enrich our understanding how the role of the arts and be expanded continuously to help address various conditions of our society, especially areas which need therapy and healing."


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About CausewayEXchange

Founded in 2010 with the intent of providing an annual festival for artistic and cultural exchange between Singapore and Malaysia, CausewayEXchange (CEX) has presented close to 350 artists across all arts genres and attracted an audience of 35,000 from all walks of life in both countries. To date, CEX remains the only regular platform for cross-cultural exchange between Singapore and Malaysia.

Key Singapore artists featured in CEX have included: Cultural Medallion recipient and founder/artistic director of The Necessary Stage, Alvin Tan; renowned comedian Kumar; well-known percussions ensemble Nadi Singapura; established music ensemble Siong Leng Musical Ensemble; photographer Edwin Koo, short film director Sanif Olek just to name a few.


About the Organisers

DMR Productions

DMR Productions is a subsidiary of DMR Advertising & Promotions, a leading and well established advertising & marketing company headquartered in Singapore. DMR's track record includes introducing the unusual to Singapore's audiences. In 2003 DMR introduced "live" Improvisational Comedy in Singapore as part of the Guinness Comedy Showcase. Improv troupes from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA soon followed. In addition to group comedy, DMR is renowned for its stable of "one-man" full length feature stand-up comedy shows, with international names like KAREN LOFTUS (USA), PINK (NEW ZEALAND), REX NAVARETTE (USA), DAN NAINAN (USA), PAUL OGATA (USA) performing critically acclaimed full length feature shows.


DMR also manages Dia De Muertos Singapore, a cross cultural festival with Mexico which is in its 3 rd year. Early 2017 DMR was appointed to manage and run the Briton Festival, an arts and cultural festival from France. DMR is also launching the Inagural Malaysian Film Festival in Singapore this year in celebration of Malaysia's 60 th Merdeka.


DMR are also the owners of CausewayExchange (CEX), an innovative arts platform to foster greater collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia. CEX is moving into its 8 th year in 2017.


Global Cultural Alliance Ltd

Global Cultural Alliance is a Singapore-based non-profit creative and cultural organisation that is a cultural catalyst between arts, culture and society.


Our aim is to create platforms and market opportunities for our creative and cultural organisations to work together among themselves in Singapore and with their counterparts in the region and around the world.


We serve:

1. To conduct, manage, facilitate or otherwise engage in arts and cultural activities, showcases or conferences for the development of an inclusive Singapore society.


2. To support the development of artistic and cultural productions and activities (festivals or conferences of any form) reflecting the diverse cultural and communal backgrounds in Singapore together with other bodies, whether directly or indirectly, for the promotion of arts and culture.


3. To collaborate where necessary in the development and management of artistic and cultural spaces and programmes for local community use.

4.  To conduct, manage, facilitate or otherwise engage in overseas arts and cultural exchanges, showcases and conferences with the aim of creating, deepening and diversifying new platforms for the benefit of Singapore's artistic and cultural communities


Global Cultural Alliance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The RICE Company Limited.


Singapore International Foundation

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) makes friends for a better world. We build enduring relationships between Singaporeans and world communities, and harness these friendships to enrich lives and effect positive change globally. Our work is anchored in the belief that cross-cultural interactions provide insights that strengthen understanding, and the sharing of ideas and experiences inspires action and enables collaborations for good.


To harness the power of arts and culture as a force for positive social change, the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) has launched an Arts for Good initiative to connect Singaporeans with world communities to promote awareness of social issues, share best practices and enable action that results in positive social impact. In this respect, SIF has forged partnerships for projects and activities to leverage arts and culture to foster inclusive communities, promote sustainable urban living and enable livelihood.