Toccata Studio and Futurists' Diaries - Yet another story about clones!

What would you do if you began receiving a stranger's diaries in your mail? What if there were more than one stranger's diaries and they kept turning up where you can find them? In a strange world where diaries are not always private, clones find themselves pushed to the brink of self-awareness, learning about prophetic ideas from across time, while facing humanity – that of their own and the slowly turning human race.


Futurists Diaries is a new performance under the Project 2020 where artists, scientists, clones and everyone else interrogate ideas of humanity and action onstage in September 2017.


Toccata Studio and their five-year project, Project 2020, returns this year with a new installment '2020: Futurists' Diaries'. Artistic director Ng Chor Guan creates yet another multidisciplinary performance, this time featuring dance choreography by multi-award winning Steve Goh, installation artist Lisa Foo, with dramaturgy by artist/choreographer Brigel Gjoka, who's based in Germany.


Join Toccata Studio at the Kuala Lumpur Arts Festival 2017 and its host, Diversecity, for a weekend of time-travel, movement, and change – this world premiere is set to unfold at the end of September, in the DBKL Auditorium, a space that transforms into a time machine in tandem with the show!

Details are as seen below -


23.9.2017 (Sat) @ 8.30pm

24.9.2017 (Sun) @ 3pm

Venue: DBKL Auditorium

Admission by minimum donation: RM38 (concessions), RM58 (standard)


For more information, kindly do not hesitate to contact our team – we are deeply interested in speaking to friends from the media, to discuss and share the many exciting stories of Project 2020. Reach us at 016-3618504 or drop us a line at


Thank you for your kind attention and interest in Toccata Studio and Project 2020!




About Project 2020

Project 2020 is a five-year project by Toccata Studio that discusses change and being an agent of change; this project began with a centering on the integration of science and art in a live performance. Built on a narrative of clones, time travel and the multiverse theory, Project 2020 explores and interrogates ideas of time, perfect vision and the future via a transformative blend of performance supplemented by socially engaging initiatives. This project has expanded to include a series of roundtable talks in which people are invited to interact and discuss the future with childhood dreams and profession as entry points, leading into discussions of positive contribution to society and the future. Project 2020 exists as a central structure holding and hosting independent, yet coherent initiatives that pushes forward towards many, better futures. Past performances include '2020: An Arrival' (2015, winner of Theatrix Awards, restaged 2017) and '2020: I'm from 2020' (2016, winner of BOH Cameronian Awards Best Original Music).



About Toccata Studio

Among the first of its kind, Toccata Studio's featured works include: Mobile Phone Orchestra (2011-present), Intertwined (2013), RE-RevoEvo (formerly RE: RevolutionEvolution) (2013-present), and their most recent creation, Project 2020 (2015- present). Toccata Studio received international recognition of their multi-awards winning original creation projects and productions, including invitation to perform at South East Asia Arts Festival (London, U.K.), World Stage Design Festival (Taipei, Taiwan), and coming up Asian Theatre for Young Audience Festival (Kobe and Tokyo, Japan). Toccata Studio is affiliated to Space.Toccata, a creative research and development laboratory in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia), which currently offers artistic residency opportunities to individuals whose practice falls within the innovative and contemporary; it is open to practitioners local and abroad. Toccata Studio also runs experimental sessions at the intersection of improvisational dance and music regularly at Space. Toccata.


Being of the firm belief that the arts play an important role in the growth of culture and humanity, Toccata Studio also considers the arts crucial to the creation of identities, as reflections of society, and as archives to an era. Toccata Studio offers itself and its work as a means for accessing better futures.